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PTFE Platte

PTFE Sheet

Our gaskets as a PTFE Sheet

KWO® PTFE gasket sheets are the universal sealing solution for applications up to 250°C and can be applied in many industry sectors. The plates are made for punching, plottering and cutting with knife and water jet.



  • Outstanding chemical and thermal resistance
  • Wide range of certifications and testing
  • High safety margins
  • Also for uneven surfaces



Gasket sheets are suitable for all applications in which high temperatures or aggressive fluids/gases are used. They can be used for flange tubing in accordance to DIN or ANSI standards, containers and glass-lined systems.


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ePTFE Gasket Sheet
high-quality & bidirectional expanded sheet, made of pure PTFE

ePTFE Gasket Sheet
high-quality & bidirectional expanded sheet with a high density, made of pure PTFE

sPTFE Gasket Sheet

high-quality structured PTFE Sheet with hollow glass micro-spheres

sPTFE Gasket Sheet

high-quality structured PTFE Sheet with Silica

ePTFE Gasket Sheet

high-quality structured PTFE Sheet with Barium Sulphate


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TÜV Hompage

PTFE sheet

The KWO® PTFE sheets are used wherever high temperatures or aggressive materials play a decisive role. The PTFE sheets are ideal for punching, plotting and processing with knives and water.  We are pleased to offer you the KWO® MultiTex® sheet or KWO® CellFlon® sheet.

You can obtain detailed information on the corresponding product from us. The material of KWO® PTFE sheets is flexible and therefore adapts perfectly to the sealing surfaces. In addition, the PTFE sheets are characterized by excellent tightness and full resistance.

The advantages, properties, applications and certificates of our KWO® PTFE sheets can be found on the respective product page. Furthermore, the following technical data about the PTFE sheet will be indicated:

  • material
  • temperature range
  • chemical resistance
  • pressure stability
  • physiological harmlessness

Moreover, you have the possibility to download the corresponding product data sheet. Here you will find everything you need to know about the PTFE sheet, such as dimensions, resistance, areas of application, special properties or approvals and tests. In addition, you will get a detailed insight into the sealing characteristics as well as an introduction to the assembly of the PTFE plate.

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