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PTFE Platte

PTFE Sheet

Our gaskets as a PTFE Sheet

KWO® PTFE gasket sheets are the universal sealing solution for applications up to 250°C. The sheets can be processed with various types of cutters and a water jet.



  • Outstanding chemical and thermal resistance
  • Wide range of certifications and testing
  • High safety margins
  • Also for uneven surfaces



Gasket sheets are suitable for all applications in which high temperatures or aggressive fluids/gases are used. Can be used for flange tubing in accordance to DIN or ANSI standards, containers and glass-lined systems.


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ePTFE Gasket Sheet
high-quality & bidirectional expanded sheet, made of pure PTFE

sPTFE Gasket Sheet

high-quality structured PTFE Sheet with Barium Sulphate

sPTFE Gasket Sheet

high-quality structured PTFE Sheet with hollow glass micro-spheres

sPTFE Gasket Sheet

high-quality structured PTFE Sheet with Silica


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