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KWO® MultiTex® Sheet 2.0 (1,5mm)

03/04/2023 - New characteristic values available on Gasketdata



We are proud to announce that the characteristic values of our MultiTex® Sheet 2.0 with a thickness of 1.5 mm have been published on Gasketdata.

The values on Gasketdata have been independently verified and randomly cross-checked by an independent testing laboratory. The characteristic values, determined in accordance with the EN 13555 standard, are required for the safe operation of systems for manufacturing and processing chemical products. 

The  characteristic values of several of our products with the following thickness have already been published on Gasketdata:

- MultiTex® Sheet 2.0 (1.5mm – 2mm – 3mm – 6mm)

- MultiTex® Ring 2.0 (1.5mm – 2mm – 3mm – 6mm)

- MultiTex® Tape (2mm)

- Universal Tape F Premium (2mm)

We aim to make our products as transparent as possible for our customers in terms of technical data. This enables us to provide our customers for example with exact pipe class calculations and torque calculations.

>> Click here to see the characteristic values of our MultiTex® Sheet 2.0 with a thickness of 1.5mm.