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KWO® MultiTex® DK tape

ePTFE gasket tape for steam vessels


KWO® MultiTex® DK tape is a high-quality gasket material made from multidirectional expanded PTFE. The tape is especially designed for the sealing of steam boiler plugs and is suitable to seal man hole, head hole and hand hole covers of steam boilers.

The flexible material adapts excellently to sealing surfaces and compensates for any unevenness of the cover or flange surface. The tape ensures a very high tightness immediately after the installation and is particularly suitable for the pressure test with cold water. KWO® MultiTex® DK tape offers a lasting tightness under operating conditions and in applications with changing temperatures.





  • excellent tightness from the installation on
  • suitable for all sizes of covers and plugs
  • seals very well small and large flange surfaces; avoids corrosion of the sealing surfaces
  • resistant to stress due to changing temperatures
  • easy installation owing to the self-adhesive backing


  • full material resistance
  • very good adaptability to rough sealing faces
  • non-ageing
  • non-flammable


  • steam vessels
  • certificated and monitored by TÜV 
  • "VdTÜV  Merkblatt Dichtung 100" (formerly known asTRD 401), correspond to test category "D" up to 250°C/40bar
  • tested for an increased gab between lid and flange

Technical Data

Material100 % multidirectional expanded PTFE (ePTFE); self-adhesive
Temperature rangerecommended temperature +250°C (+482°F) and internal pressure 40bar (580psi)
Chemical resistancepH range from 0 to 14; full chemical resistance for all sorts of boiler water
Pressure resistancecertificated for steam vessels with internal pressure up to 40bar (580psi) and cold water test up to 88bar (1276psi)
Density0,75 g/cm³ ± 0,15 g/cm³

*Note: Temperature and pressure guides cannot necessarily be used simultaneously.



Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing or packaging operations.