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PTFE Nachhaltigkeit


Ensure long-term & economic success in cooperation with our partners


A sustainable and profitable business

Sound management know-how is essential to ensure long-term economic success and operational sustainability.  
With our partnerships being characterized by professionalism and respect, we are seeking to create a harmonious collaboration environment which allows everyone to contribute ideas according to the individual competencies.

As an internationally operating company we make deals exclusively in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations with the help of so-called compliance agreements.



We live our strong corporate culture

We pride ourselves on the fact that our employees enjoy working with KWO® Company.

In our staff surveys we achieve always excellent ratings relating to employee satisfaction, which are always above our targets. Our employees consider that they are treated with respect by both their leaders and their colleagues. They appreciate the values which characterize the working environment: openness, fairness and professionalism. We are proud of our managers, who show exemplary conduct and a high personal commitment.



Prospering customers are the best evidence of successful work

We provide support to our customers in order to help them achieve success and develop advanced solutions for a sustainable society.

We strive to ensure that our customers choose again KWO® Company for their next project. Customer satisfaction is for us a crucial benchmark and we always succeed in surpassing our own targets. We are proud that our customers appreciate our work, which consists in providing appropriate solutions or in developing a solution together with our partners.

We are participating in various research programs, working closely together with raw material suppliers, universities, research institutions, customers and other partners.



KWO®’s contribution to environmental protection

The innovative product engineering is the most important contribution of KWO® Company to an eco-friendly economy, since our products enable industries to considerably reduce emissions. Hence, with our products we contribute to environmental protection by minimising the exploitation of natural resources.

We are helping our customers prosper and find future-oriented solutions for a sustainable society.

In our organisation we pay particular attention to the way we travel. In order to protect the environment we avoid unnecessary journeys and we promote eco-friendly vehicles.

Since 2014 KWO® Company has operated a photovoltaic facility, which enables us to generate 60 % of the internal energy consumption.

The construction of the new production and office building has involved energy-saving measures, such as heat recovery facilities, insulation systems and intelligent ventilation systems.