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KWO® CellFlon® CL

ePTFE gasket tape


KWO® CellFlon® CL is the optimised gasket tape for a safe and cost-effective use in chlor-alkali electrolysis-cells.

The micro-cellular structure of the modified ePTFE material ensures very good sealing properties for long lasting application in frames of electrolys-es cells.

The patented CellFlon® processing method improves considerably the mechanical properties and strengthens the fibre structure. Consequently, the tape is much more compact and has a lower cold-flow tendency as well as better recovery properties.





  • easy to install
  • good sealability
  • shortens maintenance stops
  • easily and fast to remove
  • reduces total costs
  • tested in CL cells and specified
  • high chemical resistance
  • tested in CL-cells
  • high adaptability
  • high recovery
  • low creep and relaxation
  • UV resistant; non-ageing
  • frames of chlor-alkali electrolysis-cells
  • tube flanges
  • compensators, pumps
  • flue gas channels
  • TA Luft regulation and blow out safety acc. to VDI 2200
  • specific values according to DIN EN 13555

Technical Data

Material100 % expanded PTFE (ePTFE), modified by CellFlon®-procedure - self-adhesive
Chemical resistancepH range from 0 to 14; full chemical resistance (except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine)
Temperature rangerecommended temperature range: from -200°C (-328°F) to +180°C (+356°F); material heat resistant up to +315°C (+600°F)*
Pressure resistancevacuum up to 80bar (1160psi) depending on the installation situation*
Physiologically inertphysiologically harmless in all recommended applications
Density0,70 g/cm³ ± 0,10 g/cm³

*Note: temperature and pressure guides cannot necessarily be used simultaneously.