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KWO Vison und Strategie


innovation and ambition for more than 30 years

Vision und Strategie KWO

We strive to be a leading global technology partner with a sustainable development policy in the field of expanded PTFE products and to create a maximum value for our costumers.


As a technology company, focusing on market and application requirements, we have specialised in the developing and the manufacturing of PTFE products and in the product-related technical support.

KWO Geschäftsidee
KWO Karriere
  • health and saftey
  • environmental responsibility
  • mutual respect
  • compliance & social behaviour
  • high quality and sustainability
  • win-win situation for all participants

We pursue primarily the following goals in order to create lasting values for our customers, our employees and our suppliers:

  • to be a competent and reliable partner for both existing and future customers in the field of expanded PTFE products and to provide most comprehensive technical support
  • to be a company commonly considered as an employer of first choice
  • to continuously improve and extend our offers, while concentrating on our core competencies
  • to assist and support our customers in the search of new business opportunities
  • to ensure long-term economic success


  • Focus on competencies where KWO® Company either holds already or seeks to achieve a leading position
  • Strengthening of the presence in selected geographical markets with the help of strong partners
  • Creation of sustainable values by the consolidation and the development of our know-how, with special consideration of the needs of our customers
  • Early recognition of innovative technologies, eligible to strengthen lastingly KWO® Company and its partners
  • Strengthening of KWO® Company as a brand, as employer and as business partner