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KWO® HD-E (high density)

gasket tape with a rectangular cross section

KWO® HD-E is gasket tape of mono-directionally expanded pure PTFE with a high density. The tape is characterised by a rectangular cross-section and a relatively small width. The high density of the material and the special cross-section of the tape allow the sealing of very uneven sealing surfaces even at a low gasket stress.
KWO® HD-E sealant tape is suitable for delicate sealing applications on surfaces vulnerable to tension, such as glass or ceramics. The tape can also be used to seal weak flanges subject to considerable deformation, for example glass reinforced plastics (GRP), plastic fittings and ventilation facilities.


  • good sealing properties even at low gasket stress
  • low diffusion leakage
  • excellent adaptability to all surfaces
  • easy filling of flange gaps
  • 100 % expanded PTFE (ePTFE) without fillers
  • highest adaptability to uneven surfaces with low pressure
  • for seal applications on materials vulnerable to tension
  • UV resistant; no ageing
  • non-toxic, biologically inert
  • non-flammable


  • tube flanges
  • sealings for tanks
  • heat exchangers
  • air-conditioning & ventilation systems
  • apparatus engineering
  • machine housing
  • compensators
  • chemical reactors
  • pumps
  • food processing systems
  • compliant to FDA
  • EC1935/2004 - suitbale for applications with food contact (from June '15)

Technical Data

RAW MATERIAL100 % expanded PTFE (ePTFE) without fillers - self-adhesive
TEMPERATURE RANGErecommended temperature range: from -200°C to +150°C; material heat resistant up to +315°C
CHEMICAL RESISTANCEpH range from 0 to 14; full chemical resistance, except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine
PRESSURE RESISTANCEresistant within the usual pressure range of standard flanges up to 60 bars; suitable for vacuum applications (depends upon the concrete installation conditions)
PHYSIOLOGICALLY INERTphysiologically harmless in all recommended applications